A History of Innovation

Video about Shaklee historhy.  Dr Shaklee was a pioneer, and friend to Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

a history of innovation

Roger Barnett and Tiffany Vin

Great Video of a YOUNG person building a huge business and making a difference.  Tiffany is paying for her Harvard education with Shaklee.

Roger Barnett and Tiffany Vin

Shaklee Life Plan

The best, most comprehensive nutritional system in the world. Proven by science. Proven by people. 100% Guaranteed.


Shaklee Life Plan - The Best, Most Comprehensive Nutritional System in the World

Shaklee MindWorks on Dr. Phil

We've all misplaced our car keys or forgotten to pick up milk on the way home, but Amanda says she takes the term "brain freeze" to a whole new level. Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of the health and wellness company Shaklee, shares tips for supporting overall brain health. Great to have Shaklee Featured on Dr Phil.

Shaklee's Roger Barnett Talks Tips for Supporting Brain Health