Saturday Team Call 2/25/17

Glacken / Underwood Team Call 2/25/17

Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio
Topic - Customers!  What are you doing to make your business stand out?
Listen for ideas and books on the subject of creating raving fans.

Saturday Team Call 2/18/17

Glacken / Underwood Team Call 2/18/17
Host and Speaker - Jennifer Glackent, SR Master Coordinator, OH
Topic:  So, just what is the Shaklee Lifestyle?  Wow - all that & more.  
Don't miss this glimpse into what is possible to achieve. 

Fulford Team Call Monday 2/13/17

Monthly Team Call for Jim & Peggy Fulford
Call Date - Monday, 2/13/17
Host & Speaker - Jim Fulford, Executive Coordinator, Jacksonville, FL
Topic - What's on your reading list?  Keep your skills and outlook up to date with Jim's suggestions.

Saturday Team Call 2/11/17

Call for Glacken / Underwood Team Saturday 2/11/17
Host & Speaker - Becky Cash, Master Coordinator, Indiana
Topic - Are you working at the level of your goal?  
Call contribution & testimony form Mary Ann, Olga, Laureen - thank you!

Saturday Team Call 2/4/17

Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, Sr Master Coordinator
Topic - Jennifer's perspective on the 15 Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

Glacken/Underwood call of Saturday 2/4/17

Saturday Team Call 1/28/17

Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator

What are the Four Enemies in Network Marketing that you WILL face?
Hear more from Jennifer on Jim Rohn's lesson plus how this relates to NWM.

Saturday Team Call 1/21/17

Glacken / Underwood Team Call 1/21/17

Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio
Topic:  Personal Development vs. Industry Development
Be sure to listen until to the end for an important list.   

Monthly Fulford Team Call 1/9/17

Monthly Call for Fulford Team - 2nd Monday - January 9, 2017

Host and Speakers - Jim & Peggy Fulford, Executive Coordinators, Jacksonville, FL

Topic:  Make a Decision for YOUR 2017 - Shaklee Promotions to give you an advantage whatever your Shaklee goal is for 2017

Saturday Team Call 1/7/17

Glacken / Underwood Team Call of Saturday January 7, 2017
Kickoff Call for 2017!  Don't miss this call or listen again for the details.
Hosts and Speakers - Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator, GA & Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, OH

Next Saturday call on 1/21/17, 11 AM ET

Plan to attend a team event on Saturday Jan 14 - Orlando FL or Chicago IL
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For Chicago - click here

Saturday Team Call 12/17/16

Underwood / Glacken Team Call of Saturday 12/17/16
Host - Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta, GA
Guest Speaker - Laureen Andes, Sr. Coordinator, NJ
Great tips for follow up and maximizing team strengths.
Dates to Remember - 
Next call - Saturday, Jan 7, 2017 11 AM 857-216-6700 pin 152065#
Shaklee National New Year Kickoff 1/4/17
Orlando Event by Underwoods - 1/13 & 1/14/17 -
Chicago Event by Glackens - 1/14/17 -