Joye / Fulford Team Call 1/25/2016

Team Call of Monday PM 1/25/16
Host & Speaker - Jim Fulford, Exec. Coordinator, Jacksonville, FL
Topic:  Review of Underwood Conference in Orlando - Leadership Summit 2016
What a great event - listen to Jim's review or to view a blog about the event Click here 

Come to the next Orlando event on June 11 - plan to come & bring guests (guests are free!)

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Saturday Team Call 1/23/16

Saturday Team Call 1/23/2016

Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio

1 - Sponsoring - developing yourself, listening to others, setting a goal (10 New every month - customers, distributors, business leaders)

2 - Power Plan - set your goals with an action plan describing who, what, how, how much, result - listen for more specifics !!

Joye / Fulford Team Call 1/18/2016

Team Call of Monday, 1/18/2016
Host - Jim Fulford, Jacksonville, FL
Speakers - Linda Pierce, VA and Pamela Fraser, NY
Featuring training and inspiration from - 
Tony and Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA

Saturday Team Call 1/16/16

Saturday Team Call January 16, 2016
Host & speakers - Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta
Guest speaker - Kirstin McKitrick, Sr. Coordinator, NJ
Topic:  How to Make Your Plan NOW to Earn 2017 trips 

Saturday Team Call 1/2/16

Saturday Team Call 1/2/2016
Happy New Year from Jennifer Glacken, Tony and Debbie Underwood
Listen for New Year tips and ideas for your Shaklee business.

Saturday Team Call 12/19/15

Saturday Team Call on 12/19/15
Host & Speaker  Jennifer Glacken, SR. Master Coordinator

Topic - You know what you think about, you bring about.  Also what you talk about.
In this season of gifting, remember Shaklee is a gift - of better health and increased wealth.

"You can have what you say, but most people keep saying what they have." 

Joye / Fulford Team Call 12/7/15

Weekly Team Call of Joye / Fulford Team 
Call of December 7, 2015
Subject:  Sending Postcards - the Easy Way
Host & Speaker:  Jim Fulford, Exec. Coordinator

Team Call Schedule for December:  Dec 14 - Fun Holiday Call 9 PM ET; Dec 21 NO CALL - Happy Holidays; Dec 28 Shaklee Training Call 8:30 PM ET; Jan 4 Shaklee 2016 Kickoff 8:30 PM ET


Saturday Team Call 12/5/15

Weekly Saturday Morning Call at 11 AM ET
Date - 12/5/15

Topic - Goal Setting for Year End
Hosts & Speaker - Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta, GA
Guest Speaker - Pam Otto, Sr Executive Coordinator, Grand Rapids, MI
Tri-athlete, Spin Class Instructor, Mom of 2 Active Daughters, Wife - increased PGV significantly since August 2015

Joye / Fulford Team Call 11/30/15

Weekly Monday Night Call of Jim & Peggy Fulford / Barry & Luronda Joye Team
Call of November 30, 2015

Host & Speaker - Jim Fulford
Topic - How to Get YOUR Business to Show on First Page of Google Search