Saturday Team Call 11/2/13

Hosted by Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator

Guest is Chongneng Thao who with his wife Maiying just celebrated reaching Key Coordinator position with a HOMETOWN CELEBRATION hosted by Shaklee Corporation.

Listen to Chong's incredible story about discipline, overcoming amazing obstacles, working hard, not being complacent, developing leaders ...

Quote:  "The life you want to live has to be earned."

Congratulations to Chongneng and Maiying!

Saturday Team Call 10/19/13

Hosted by Tony Underwood with guest Pat Hintze, Sr Master, from Wisconsin.

Listen to this call for inspiration from a Shaklee business leader.  Pat shares his story with success tips along the way.

One quote from Pat today is impactful for anyone that is stuck on getting going:

"You can get paid for what you do or make a fortune from what you START"  Just get started.