Joye Team Call 1/6/2014

Hear from Luronda & Barry Joye and Jim Fulford about getting your dream wheel spinning and deciding what you are willing to do to accomplish.

Saturday Team Call 1/4/2014

First Team call of 2014!  Get a great start to the new year with this call about commitment.

Host:  Tonya Mann

Saturday Team Call 12/28/13

Host Jennifer Glacken - listen for tips on goal setting that are tailored to growing your Shaklee business

Quote of the Day - "Choose to create your circumstance."

Joye Team Call 12/16

Cruise highligts from the Joyes and Fulfords, and great story from Racheal Tate.

Saturday Team Call 12/21/2013

Host Tony Underwood - Hear Luronda Joye's exciting recap of Dream Cruise 2013.

Special Guest - Dr. Robert Rohm talking about 3 Keys to Life.  Listen for upcoming conference events details.

Joye Team Call 11/25/13

Host Luronda and Barry Joye

Listen for a team update and Luronda's insights on the Shaklee effect to benefit blood pressure