Team Call 5/23/16

Email Note May 23:
In lieu of our team call tonight, please listen and watch the Shaklee Business presentation at 8 PM ET.  We thoroughly enjoyed hearing Bill speak at the Underwood’s Conference in Orlando.  We didn’t want to take too much of your time tonight and thought this would be worthwhile.  These are not recorded by Shaklee, so let’s share on our team Fasttrack to Success group in Facebook about what you enjoyed, learned, appreciated about Bill’s presentation.  Talk to you online, Peggy & Jim 

Good news!  You can hear Bill Firth from the attached recording.  Then, go to our team Facebook group (see above) and share your thoughts.  
Make it a great week, Peggy Fulford

Joye / Fulford Team Call 5/9/2016

Monday Team Call 5/9/16
Host - Executive Coordinator Jim Fulford, Jacksonville, FL
Guest Speakers - Master Coordinators, Tony & Debbie Underwood, Atlanta, GA

Call Format - AMA - Ask Me Anything!  Awesome exchange of questions and answers about Shaklee.
Be ready for our next AMA call - get your questions answered!  If you have the question, someone else 
most likely does too.  Thank you, Tony, Debbie & Jim for sharing your wisdom and teachings.


Joye / Fulford Team Call 5/2/2016

Joye / Fulford Team Call of Monday 5/2/16
Host & Speaker - Jim Fulford, Jacksonville, FL
Topic:  "Dead Dogs Don't Lie"

Are you a Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs fan?  If so, you will love this call.  If not, then here's a disclaimer from Peggy - Jim's wife :)

Hello Team - Jim & I were married 30 years ago when he was 26.  The story you are about to hear, if taken out of context, might give you the wrong impression of Jim.  Bottomline, he loves dogs and our three are part of the family.  I hope this story will entertain you, but mostly encourage you and I certainly hope it doesn't offend you.  It's a an example of just how much a tenacious, look-for-the-good, let's get it done, twenty year old can accomplish.  If it doesn't inspire you to grow YOUR Shaklee business, I hope it will inspire you to MENTOR a young person in theirs.  Peggy Fulford

FYI - Jim's topic title was based on  Dead Doctor's Don't Lie by Dr. Joel Wallach (google it!)