Saturday Team Call 10/27/18

Glacken / Underwood Team Call
Date - 10/27/18
Host - Theresa Sakas
Guest Speaker - Denise Gaskell

Topic - The Shaklee Difference - great perspective and story

Saturday Team Call 10/20/18

Glacken Team Call
Saturday 10/20/18
Host - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator 
Guest - Kristen Cunningham, Eastern Region Director of Sales at Shaklee
Field Sales Director Kristen Cunningham spoke today and shared some awesome nuggets of information to drive you toward earning the Grow Your Team, Earn Your Dream incentive!

Saturday Team Call 10/13/18

Glacken Team Call 10/13/18

HOST - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio
Guest - Chris Cash, Indiana

Saturday Team Call 10/6/18

Team Call on Saturday 10/6/18
Hosts and Speakers - Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinator, Georgia
Guest - Nicole Andes, Director, NJ

Nicole is a brand new Director - Congratulations!  Like Tony said, she speaks like a Master.  Be sure to listen to her comments - she is well spoken, refreshing, impactful and you'll learn from her, too.  Thank you Nicole.

Saturday Team Call 9/29/18

Glacken / Underwood Team Call of 9/29/18
Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio
Topic - Actions to Take from "Travelers Gift" by Andy Andrews applied to your Shaklee Opportunity
Example - Be a person of action.  Do something everyday for your Shaklee business - stay engaged with a daily activity.