Saturday Team Call 6/21/14

Weekly Team Call Saturday 6/21/14 11 AM ET
Host:  Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta, GA
Guest Speakers:  Barry & Luronda Joye, Sr. Executive Coordinators, Lake City, FL

Listen for tips for ending the 'year' strong as Shaklee ends their fiscal year June 30 with great personal and team growth advice.

Saturday Team Call 6/14/14

Hosts Debbie & Tony Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA

Call date:  June 14, 2014  Time:  11 AM ET

Debbie provides encouragement on talking to others and listening for connections plus updates on end of Shaklee year 6/30/14

Listen for what we all need to hear - Tony talks about distractions and making your Shaklee business a priority - thank you, Tony!

Dream Plan Flipchart

Attached the the Dream Plan presentation developed by The Joyes and Justin Simmons.  

Landmark PDF

Great looking Landmark Study Brochure