Saturday Team Call 3/29/14

Host - Becky Cash, new Master Coordinator from Indianapolis, Indiana

Listen as she and her guest, Olga, discuss How to Build a Business with a Busy Life!

Saturday Team Call 3/22/14

Hosts & Speakers:  Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA
Steps for new distributors to take to FastTrack their new business. 
Listen for great tips no matter what stage your business is in!

Product Price List

The 2014 Product Catalog does not have prices, so this summary was providied which shows the price of each product.


Saturday Team Call 3/15/14

Host and speaker, Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator, Ohio

This audio is a must listen for every new Shaklee distributor or for anyone asking the question - "Is this possible, is it possible for ME?"

Jennifer gives a meaningful lesson with personal stories about the struggle in the journey.  And she gives hope and confirmation that, YES IT IS!