Joye / Fulford Team Call 6/13/2016

Monday Night Team Call 6/13/16
Host - Jim Fulford, Jacksonville, FL  

Recap of Power Up Event in Orlando FL 6/10 & 6/11 hosted by Tony & Debbie Underwood
Listen for the scoop and inspiring messages from Win Powell, Craig Denstad, Ramon & Marsha Duvall, Jim & Peggy Fulford, Tony & Debbie Underwood

Save the Date:  After Shaklee Live in Orlando in August - come back to Orlando on October 1 for One Day Ignite Your Growth Event!

Saturday Team Call 6/4/16

Saturday Team Call 6/4/16
Host - Tony Underwood - Master Coordinator, Atlanta, GA
Guest - Shawn Gray - Presidential Master Coordinator, Beijing, China

Inspiring call!  Shawn and Carmen Gray have increased their team by 200,000 in the last four years.  Think about that!
Most of us don't set our goals that high but you can apply what Shawn has to say to create your Shaklee success.


Team Call 5/23/16

Email Note May 23:
In lieu of our team call tonight, please listen and watch the Shaklee Business presentation at 8 PM ET.  We thoroughly enjoyed hearing Bill speak at the Underwood’s Conference in Orlando.  We didn’t want to take too much of your time tonight and thought this would be worthwhile.  These are not recorded by Shaklee, so let’s share on our team Fasttrack to Success group in Facebook about what you enjoyed, learned, appreciated about Bill’s presentation.  Talk to you online, Peggy & Jim 

Good news!  You can hear Bill Firth from the attached recording.  Then, go to our team Facebook group (see above) and share your thoughts.  
Make it a great week, Peggy Fulford