Steve & Shawn Landstra

When introduced to Social Marketing in 2003, Steve and Shawn Landstra were already living a very comfortable life. Steve, a CPA and Chief Financial Officer, had a great job that enabled his family to live in a nice neighborhood, take fun vacations and support various charities. Shawn, also a CPA, worked part-time to provide some extra “fun” money.

WDC Building Shaklee

It's great to have such amazing support from Tony and Debbie.  This is a photo from their first meeting with the new WDC Team

Another Great Month

Another great month with a long list of ACHIEVERS......CONGRATULATIONS!!!

June is the last month of the Shaklee year and July comes along with the excitement of NEW incentive trips to be announced! 

Keep running through the month to finish your qualifications for the Cruise and the Paris trip or if you are new, know that your achievements in June will propel you fast forward to the new promotional trips for next year.

Have a great, successful June and we will all see your name on this list next month!

Stacey Reynolds-Peterson Testimonial


Two ½ years ago I was playing golf every weekend, practicing a couple of times a week, working out, life was good and then one day I woke up and couldn’t move.  My entire body hurt from head to toe.  I was in such agonizing pain I had to call my daughter to come take care of me. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, going from one Doctor to the next trying to find some relief.  At this point I have 4 different Doctors and mounting medical bills. The Doctors had me on all kinds of prescription medications as well as vitamins and supplements.