Saturday Team Call 11/12/16

Team Call for Underwood / Glacken 
Date - Saturday 11/12/16
Time - 11 AM ET
Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio
Lots of reasons to NOT MISS THIS CALL!  We are so fortunate to have Jennifer represent the field on the Masters Executive Committee (MEC).  Having just returned from Shaklee HQ, she has some insight into what 2017 promises to be.  Without giving any 'secrets' away, you don't want to miss what she has to say.
Call topic - Daring to Be In Action - Position Yourself for Growth.  Jennifer is re-reading the book "Daring Greatly - How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, paren, and Lead" by Brene Brown

Saturday Team Call 11/5/16

Glacken / Underwood Saturday Call
Date - Saturday, November 5, 2016
Host - Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinator, Georgia
Guest - Linda Pierce, Coordinator, Virginia

A call not to be missed!  Hear Debbie's inspirational story and learn about setting a vision for your Shaklee effect.  
Congratulations to Linda for achieving Coordinator and qualifying for Dream trip and more this year. 
Learn from Linda's story and we look forward to hearing of her team's continued success.
Congratulations to Mary Rodkey, new Director in October!

Saturday Team Call 10/29/16

Glacken / Underwood Weekly Team Call - Saturday 11 AM ET
Date - October 29, 2016
Host - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio
Guest - Molly Pratt, Master Coordinator, FL

Hear an inspiring story about how Shaklee can open up amazing options for your life.  Be sure to listen to the end for Jennifer's recap.

Saturday Team Call 10/22/16

Glacken / Underwwod Saturday Team Call 
Call of Saturday, 10/22/16 at 11 AM ET

Host - Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta, GA
Speaker - Craig Cushman, VP Sales Eastern Region, Shaklee

How should you live to be in abundance?  Listen for Craig's insights on doing away with limiting beliefs.

Saturday Team Call 10/15/16

Glacken / Underwood Team call of Saturday 10/15/16
Host & Speaker:  Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio
Topic - Handling Objections - Are you timid about contacting from a fear of getting an objection?
Build your confidence by finding what works for you.

Joye/Fulford Team Call 10/10/16

Monthly Team Call on 2nd Monday Night 
Joye / Fulford team at 9 PM ET

Call for October 2016 - Monday, 10/10/2016
Host:  Jim Fulford - Jacksonville, FL
Speakers:  Barry and Luronda Joye - Lake City, FL

Listen to catch up with Barry and Luronda and hear their words of encouragement.

Saturday Team Call 10/8/16

October 8, 2016 Call for Glacken / Underwood teams
Saturdays at 11 AM ET
Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator
Topic:  Steps for Buidling Your Shaklee Business

Saturday Team Call 10/1/16

Glacken / Underwood Team Call of Saturday 10/1/16
Host - Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator
Topic - Reports from New Director's Conference

Saturday Team Call 9/24/16

Glacken / Underwood Team Call of 9/24/16
Host & Speaker - Jim Fulford, Executive Coordinator, Jacksonville, FL
Do you think you know Jim?  We learn from stories and this is one to pay attention to & learn from.

Saturday Team Call 9/17/16

Saturday Team Call 9/17/16
Host & Speakers - Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA
Topic - Commitment and Mindset - great tips for focusing on your Shaklee business.