Joye / Fulford Team Call 8/1/2016

Team call Monday 8/1/16
Host - Jim Fulford - Jacksonville, FL
Speaker - Pamela Fraser - Woodstock NY
Topic:  "The Importance of Why"
Pamela peels back this topic and makes you think!  Take a listen, you'll be glad you did.
Safe travels to Shaklee Live 2016!

Saturday Team Call 7/30/16

Saturday Team Call 7/30/16

Host - Jennifer Glacken, Ohio
Speaker - Susan Bartz Herrick, North Carolina
How do you categorize your Shaklee business?  Try to listen BEFORE the Orlando conference. Great wisdom and history about a Shaklee legacy business.

Joye / Fulford Team Call 7/25/2016

Joye / Fulford Team Call 7/25/16
Host - Jim Fulford, Jacksonville, FL

Speaker - Paul Hendrix, Atlanta, GA
Topic:  Intentional Living with your Shaklee Life
You'll want to listen with intention to Paul's meaningful and insightful words.  
Thank you, Paul!  

Saturday Team Call 7/23/16

Saturday Team Call 7/23/16
Hosts and Speakers - Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA
Topic:  Follow-up!  Real situations with tips on HOW to follow-up.  Plus, latest on Orlando event.

Joye / Fulford Team Call 7/18/2016

Joye / Fulford Team Call 7/18/16

Hosts - Jim & Peggy Fulford - Exec. Coordinators, Jacksonville, FL

All call participants were placed in a drawing for a 7" Android Tablet.  So don't miss these calls!
Winner - Linda Pierce, Coordinator - Woodbridge, VA
Call topic was Shaklee history & product trivia.  Six questions and six Shaklee product prizes!  (including a 30 Day supply of Life Strip - wow!)

See the attached document for more Fun Facts about Shaklee.


Saturday Team Call 7/16/16

Glacken / Underwood Team Call 7/16/16
Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator
Topic - Getting Clarity on You

As promised, from our call this morning:

Exercise One: The Million Dollar Giveaway
If I was given a million dollars today but I have to spend it immediately. I would buy the following ten things. Take out a piece of paper and list them. Remember, you must spend it and buy stuff with it. You can't invest it in stocks or put it in the bank. List ten things that you truly want.

Exercise Two: Long lost friend
You come across a good old friend today. You lose contact with this friend and haven't seen him for three years. Both you are delighted to see each other again. He says:" I haven’t seen you for three years! How are you doing recently?" You answer his questions:
I live in (town, city, village ):
The car that I drive is:
I am making a living by (job title/job role):
I am earning (USD per year):
My hobbies and interests are:
I have given up/I have taken up:
Since I’ve last seen you a new skill that I have acquired is:
My partner is:

Exercise Three – Charity Giveaway:
If I had $100,000 to give to a single charity I would give it to:
Write it on the paper.

Exercise Four: The last time I felt was:
The last time that I felt success was: 
The last time that I did something that I really, really didn’t want to do, but did it anyway, was: 
The last time I felt truly happy was: 
The last time I felt truly at peace was: 
The last time I felt really proud of myself was: 
The last new skill that I developed was: 
The last time that I felt totally focused was:

Exercise Five – “I am financially free”
You have won the lottery and acquired millions and millions of dollars. You don't have to worry about bills coming, loan repayments or other payments. Picture this incredible wealth. Now, what are you going to do? How are you going to fill each day?

After you have done these exercises, you will know yourself more. Now let's take a look at these exercises.

Goal setting exercises One: The Million Dollar Giveaway gives you your long-term goals. All of these you want to achieve in your lifetime or even in the next decade.

Goal setting exercises Two: Long lost friend gives you the answers to where you want to achieve in three years time. This will be your short-term goal.

Exercise Three – Charity Giveaway shows how you would like to contribute to the society, and to help others.

Exercise Four: The last time I felt was helps you to appreciate life and enables you to know when you are experiencing certain ‘feelings’. It gives you a point of reference for the future to feel that experience again.

Exercise Five – “I am financially free”. This exercise indicates how you would like to spend your time and what you really want to do. Could you do more of this in your life? Could you even do this for a living? Just think it.

If you do these exercises honestly, you will know your purpose, passions, needs and drivers. Go ahead and set your goals!

Joye / Fulford Team Call 7/11/2016

Team Call Monday 7/11/16

Host & Speaker - Jim Fulford, Executive Coordinator

Topic:  How to change your 'Shoulds' to 'Musts'

Congratulations to Linda Pierce, new Shaklee Coordinator!

Saturday Team Call 7/9/16

Glacken/Underwood Team Call 
Saturday 7/9/16
Host & Speaker:  Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator
Topic - Goals and Leadership

Saturday Team Call 7/2/16

Glacken / Underwood Team Call
Saturday 7/2/16
SR Master Coordinator - Jennifer Glacken
Fundamentals of Building Your Shaklee Business
The 8 Step Pattern - Listen & learn!

HAPPY 4th of July!

Saturday Team Call 6/25/16

Glacken / Underwood Team Call of Saturday 6/25/16
Hosts and Speakers:  Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA

Topic:  Did you know?  Interesting, Fun and Amazing Facts about Shaklee.  It will make you proud.