Joye / Fulford Team Call 9/28/15

Team Call on Monday night - Barry & Luronda Joye team
Call of 9/28/15 - Training on Fast Track Alliance website
Learn how to store contact information, send emails, set up tasks and more.

Training by Jim Fulford

9/19/15 Saturday Team Call

Saturday Team call for 9/19/15
Host and Speaker Jennifer Glacken
Topic:  Getting new distributors going!

Saturday Team Call 9/5/15

Weekly Team Call on Saturday 9/5/15 11 AM ET
Host - Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator Atlanta GA
Speaker - Craig Cushman, VP Sales Shaklee Eastern Region and Canada

Listen to Craig for perspectives on taking charge of your success.

I learned this from a great leadership thinker and author, Steve Siebold.

Middle class versus world class

1. The middle class competes the world-class creates.

2. The middle class avoids risk the world-class manages risk.

3. The middle class lives in delusion the world-class lives in objective reality.

4. The middle class loves to be comfortable the world class is comfortable being uncomfortable.

5. The middle class has a lottery mentality the world class has an abundance mentality.

6. The middle class hungers for security the world class doesn't believe that security exists.

7. The middle class sacrifices growth for safety the world-class sacrifices safety for growth.

8. The middle class operates out of fear and scarcity the world-class operates from love and abundance.

9. The middle class focuses on having the world class focuses on being.

10. The middle-class sees them selves as victims The world-class sees themselves as responsible.

11. The middle class slows down  the world-class calms down. 

12. The middle class is frustrated the world classes grateful.

13. The middle class has pipedreams the world class has a vision.

14. The middle-class his ego driven the world class is spirit driven.

15.  The middle class is problem oriented the world class is solution oriented.

16. The middle class thinks they know enough to world-class is eager to learn.

17. The middle class chooses fear the world-class chooses growth.

18. The middle class is boastful the world class is humble.

19. The middle class trades time for money to world-class trades ideas for money.

20. The middle class denies their intuition the world class and braces their intuition.

21. The middle class seeks riches the world-class seeks wealth.

22. The middle class believes their vision only when they see it the world-class knows they will see their vision when they believe it.

23. The middle class coaches through logic the world-class coaches through emotion.

24. The middle class speaks the language of fear the world-class speaks the language of love.

25. The middle class believes problem-solving stems from knowledge the world-class believes problem-solving stems from will.

Give people operating at middle class consciousness $1 million opportunity and they will find a way to make it back to the middle class. It is where their limited self-image tells them they belong. The difference has nothing to do with reality. It's all a perception in the mind of the performer.

Ask yourself some critical thinking questions: "at what level of monetary success do I feel most comfortable? Poverty class middle class or world class" where you feel most comfortable reflects your self-image and most likely your current status. If you want to become wealthier, begin by raising your self image by upgrading the self talk you use regarding money finances size of your team volume. If all you do is chase more money, you're simply attacking the effect. The cause is how you think and if you improve the cause effect will take care of itself.

"Are my habits, actions and behaviors congruent with the vision I have for my life?"

There's a book called "leadership and self-deception", by the Arbinger Institute. This book will challenge you to re-examine your entire belief system and recalibrate your mental toughness.

Personal development will radically improve the context of your business which will then draw in the content you desire and dream of. And it will create a "Radical LEAP" in your life and in your business. A good friend of mine, Steve Farber, wrote one of my favorite books of all time, Radical LEAP, which stands for cultivating love, generating energy, inspiring audacity, and providing proof. It's a personal lesson in extreme leadership. This is the stuff of great leaders. 

Be Awesome!

Craig Cushman 


Saturday Team Call 8/29/15

Weekly Glacken / Underwood team call on Saturday 11 AM ET
Host - Jennifer Glacken
Guest Speakers - Brad & Lauren Napoli, Key Coordinators, NJ

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Oct 9 & 10th - Orlando, FL hosted by the Underwoods - sign up at
Jan 15 & 16th, 2016 - Chicago, IL hosted by the Glackens - sign up at

Joye Team Call 8/24/15

Weekly Call of Joye / Fulford Team 8/24/15
TIME CHANGE - calls are at 8 PM ET on Monday
Check FastTrack to Success Facebook page for new phone #

Shaklee Live 2015 team recap - hear reports from Jim Fulford, Pamela Fraser and Linda Pierce.

Training by Tony Underwood for Linda Pierce team

Training call for team of Linda Pierce, Director, Woodbridge, VA. 
Tony Underwood has an interactive discussion about how to talk to prospects, pre-qualify, how to ask questions, build rapport.

Saturday Team Call 8/22/15

Glacken / Underwood Team Call  
Saturday 8/22/15 
Host:  Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta
Guests:  Carrie Campbell, Sr. Director, MN; Jim Fulford, Exec Coordinator, FL; Pam Otto, SR Exec Coordinator, MI
Discussion of top take-aways from Shaklee Live 2015 in Cleveland - Inspiring!