Saturday Team Call 6/27/15

Glacken / Underwood Team Call - Saturday at 11 AM ET
Call of June 27, 2015 Hosts and Speakers Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator and Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator

Wow!  Straight talk from leaders who walk the walk.  How will you start your Monday?

Joye Team Call 6/22/15

Weekly Call for Team of Barry & Luronda Joye / Jim & Peggy Fulford
Monday nights 9 PM - Call of 6/22/15
Jim Fulford provides an overview of the Team Summer Promotion - what a great time to add to your team.
Special Guests reported on the Chicago Spring Into Action event hosted by Jennifer Glacken
Paul Hendrix, Senior Director, Acworth, GA
Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA
Don't miss these informative reports from this field event.

Joye Team Call 6/15/15

Monday Night Call for Barry & Luronda Joye Team
Call of 6/15/15 features Jim Fulford describing new team business process and promotion.

Listen for an overview and call Jim at 904-291-7575 to schedule time - you'll be inspired to move your business forward.

Take advantage of the system updates, a streamlined business process, Shaklee Gold Promotion and Team Summer Promotion.  

This is a great opportunity for YOU and for those you bring onto your team.

Joye Team Call 6/8/15

Monday Call for Luronda & Barry Joye Team - 9 PM ET - Luronda reflects on why do people emotionally connect for success in their Shaklee business.

Saturday Team Call 6/13/15

Host & Speaker Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator / Topic - BELIEF! Keep your belief level high, your self talk matters. / "In the end you regret less the things you believed that weren't true than the things that never came true because you didn't believe." ~Robert Brault

Saturday Team Call 6/6/15

Host and Speakers - Tony and Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA Think it is too late to qualify for the 2016 Dream Trip? Well, think again! Listen to Debbie Underwood describe what you need to do starting TODAY and you'll be on your way to qualifying for six days and five nights at the enchanting Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos All Inclusive Resort in beautiful Southern Baja.

Saturday Team Call 5/30/15

Saturday Team Call 11 AM ET 5/30/15; Host & Speaker - Tonya Mann, Sr. Executive Coordinator, Michigan; Topic - Ideas for how to keep your team's growth going and to keep it fun!

Saturday Team Call 5/23/15

Glacken / Underwood Team call - Saturday 11 AM ET Host and speaker - Jennifer Glacken - Sr. Master Coordinator, Ohio Topic - "Choices"

Saturday Team Call 5/16/15

Host and Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator - Congratulations to all rank advancement earners: Michelle & Mel Peters achieved rank of Key Coordinator (in Wolfington/Underwood group) ; Listen to this call for a call to action - here are a few tidbits --- How are you doing with your goals? It's mid-month May 2015 and almost mid-year 2015. May is the third of ten months of qualification for the 2016 trips. Make it a habit to review your tracker to set your goals, monitor your progress and take action to achieve.; Get into action - don't coast. Change your daily routine or activity to get re-energized.

Joye Team Call 5/11/15

Weekly Team Call of Luronda & Barry Joye - Monday at 9 PM ET Luronda Joye - Lesson from Interview of Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series; Jim Fulford and Tony Underwood - recap and highlights of Shaklee 2015 Dream Trip, Maui HI; Whatever type of trip you dream about, a Shaklee Dream Trip will exceed your expectations; Listen to this call for highlights of adventure, being spoiled by Shaklee, chillaxing, learning new things, the list goes on;