Saturday Team Call 5/9/15

Glacken / Underwood Team Call held Saturday Morning at 9 AM ET 1-857-216-6700 code 152065# Jennifer Glacken and Tony & Debbie Underwood are in Hawaii for 2015 Shaklee DreamTrip. Call of 5/9/15 hosted by Teresa from Il. and speaker is Trista Walker, Sr. Coordinator about "Commitment"

Joye Team Call 5/4/15

Weekly Call for Team of Luronda & Barry Joye - 9 PM ET Monday nights Host - Luronda Joye Topic - Recap of SE Spring Training in Orlando FL - May 1 & May 2 2015 Special Thank you to Tony & Debbie Underwood for coordinating and hosting these impactful events. Conference highlights shared by Luronda, Peggy Fulford and Craig Denstad Mark your Calendars! Next Underwood conference is Fall Extravaganza - October 9 for Director Leadership Training and October 10 Main Event. Place - Sheraton Orlando North, Maitland, FL Registration link will be added to FT Alliance or contact to receive form to complete.

Saturday Team Call 5/2/15

Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator Need advice on how to become a Director or help someone on your team become Director - LISTEN to this call! Sign up at, click on Event tab, for the Chicago Glacken Spring Into Action Seminar - June 19 & 20th, 2015 Spring Into Action Conference Jennifer Glacken :: Glacken Health & Wellness Friday, June 19, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 5:00 PM (CDT) Elk Grove, IL

Joye Team Call 4/27/15

Team Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner Tonight!! Weekly Team call for team of Barry & Luronda Joye - 9 PM ET Monday nights Team Challenge was 15 weeks with weekly winners. Grand Prize included ALL entries from prior weeks & current week. 173 names on spinner so finalists and run-off spin was required. Finalist winners were Pamela Fraser, Lynn Pockat and Todd Pierce. Final winner ~ Pamela Fraser!!! Grand prize is Withings fitness package including the Activite Pop, Blood pressure monitor, Withings integrated weight scale, Amazon gift card with some options to choose from. Congratulations Pamela and to ALL the team members participating in this challenge. Keep the winning of growing your team going by continuing and achieving your Income Producing Activities.

Saturday Team Call 4/25/15

Host: Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta, GA Speaker: Laura Evans, Key Coordinator, CA Informative & Inspiring - listen to benefit from experienced experts

Saturday Team Call 4/18/15

Team Call on Saturday morning 11 AM ET April 18, 2015 Host - Becky Cash, Master Coordinator, Indiana Guest Speaker - Trista Walker, Illinois Topic - Why the Process is Important AND Exciting! Maybe it's time for you to get back to basics to move forward.

Saturday Team Call 4/11/15

Team Call on Saturday Morning 11 AM ET Host and Speaker Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator Strategy for Qualifying for 2016 Trips ~ Finish Strong **Listen to this inspiring call to hear Jennifer's story about her push to Master Coordinator**

Joye Team Call 4/20/15

Weekly Team call for Luronda & Barry Joye 4/20/15 Luronda Joye: Be sure to get to an event - Orlando May 1 & 2nd Jim Fulford: Recap from Shaklee Regional in New York. Team Challenge Weekly Winner: Mary Rodkey

Joye Team Call 4/13/15

Weekly Team call of Luronda & Barry Joye Call of Monday 9 PM 4/13/15 Presentation by Jim Fulford ( of New Business Presentation and activity process Team Challenge Prize: 92% of names from Income Producing Activity & most names so far on spinner! This week's winner is Linda Pierce!

Joye Team Call 4/6/2015

Weekly Call for team of Luronda & Barry Joye - Monday at 9 PM ET Team Shares: Rebecca Heriz-Smith and Lynn Pockat Luronda Joye topic: Protect your emotional energy. Don't apply your emotion until you see the spark. Make sharing Shaklee part of your life. Jim Fulford topic: Business presentation process successes and improvements Team Challenge winner: Rebecca Heriz-Smith