Saturday Team Call 3/28/15

Team call of March 28, 2015

Host Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta, GA

with Jim Fulford, Executive Coordinator, Jacksonville, FL

Glacken Team Call every Saturday at 11 AM ET


Joye Team Call 3/30/15

Weekly Team Call of Luronda & Barry Joye Luronda Joye - topic - The Importance of Fiber (p 66-69 in Product Guide) Reference book by Dr. Richard Brouse "Build a Better You" Go to to order or come to Orlando conference! Jim Fulford - topic - Interactive Presentation Team Challenge weekly winner - Donna Borders - congratulations!

Joye Team Call 3/23/15

Weekly Monday Night Call for team of Luronda & Barry Joye Call hosted by Jim Fulford Team Challenge Weekly Winner - Pamela Fraser - Congratulations! Special Good Wishes to Mary Rodkey - Happy Birthday and Congratulations on new grandson, Rex Patrick Rodkey.

Saturday Team Call 3/21/15

Saturday Team Call 3/21/15

Host - Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator, OH
Speaker - Toni Banner, Sr. Executive Coordinator, NY

Need to build your belief that you can do this?  Listen to this call!  Toni went from Director to Executive Coordinator in 9 months.  But that's not the whole story.  You'll find so many words of wisdom in the call, don't miss it.

Example - The one piece of advice that Toni got from Master Coordinators consistently - "Just don't quit, keep recruiting".

Saturday Team Call 3/14/15

Saturday Team Call of March 14, 2015
Host and Speaker, Sr. Master Coordinator from Ohio - Jennifer Glacken

Topic:  Are you your own worst critic?  Do you think of all the things you didn't get done at the end of the day?  Then, LISTEN NOW to this call, do what Jennifer recommends for 21 days and you might just change your life!

Joye Team Call 3/9/15

Weekly Call for the team of Barry & Luronda Joye, Sr. Exec Coordinators, Lake City, FL

Call of 3/9/15 - Luronda speaks about driving depth - creating a strategy for growing your Shaklee business
Jim Fulford recaps team accomplishment highlights for the week and spun the wheel for Week 8 Team Challenge - Prize winner Craig Denstad, Director, Hilton Head SC

Saturday Team Call 3/7/15

Listen each Saturday at 11 AM ET - Call in number is 857-216-6700, pin 152065#

Saturday Team Call of 3/7/15

Host:  Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator, Atlanta, GA

Speaker:  Luronda Joye, Sr. Executive Coordinator, Lake City, FL

Topic:  How to Drive Depth - if you are setting your 2015 growth goals and want to help others achieve the 2016 Trips to Los Cabos & Italy, listen to this important training.





Saturday Team Call 2/28/15

Team Call every Saturday at 11 AM ET
Call on Saturday 2/28/15 host and speaker Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator

Have you thought about the characteristics of success?  Do you possess them?  Listen to this insightful call to learn more.


Joye Team Call 2/23/15

Weekly Team Call of Luronda & Barry Joye
Monday night - 9 PM ET
Call of 2/23/15 - Luronda Joye & Peggy Fulford

Joye Team Call 2/16/15

Weekly Team Call of Barry & Luronda Joye
Monday Evening at 9 PM ET

Guest Speaker - Tony Underwood, Master Coord., with preview of reason to grow your business in 2015!