Saturday Team Call 2/21/15

Saturday Team Call 2/21/15 - Be sure to listen to this one!

Tony & Debbie Underwood host & speakers

Listen for a sneak peek from the Master's meeting - exciting information - share discreetly - listen for the scoop!!!!



Saturday Team Call 2/14/15

Saturday Team Call 2/14/15 11 AM ET
Host and Speaker - Chris Cash, Master Coordinator

Topic - Qualification for 2016 trips starts in March 2015.  Hear tips on how to get started NOW!  

Joye Team Call 2/9/15

Weekly Team call for Luronda & Barry Joye
Monday nights at 9 PM ET

Week 4 of Team Challenge for Shaklee 180 Set the Record AND Team Growth

This week's winner is Brian Campbell.  Congratulations!

Saturday Team Call 2/7/15

Saturday Team Call for 2/7/15

Call in at 11 AM ET every Saturday 1-857-216-6700 pin 152065#

Host and Speaker - Sr. Master Coordinator Jennifer Glacken
This is a MUST listen to call.  Very inspirational on making a difference.
1 - Lay foundation NOW for 2016 trip qualification starting 3/1/15.  Top Achiever trip is a Bucket List destination to be announced soon.  Work on promoting directors, changing your rank.
2 - Take small steps EVERY day to see big results.  



Saturday Team Call 1/31/15

Saturday Team Call - January 31, 2015
Host - Tonya Mann
Guest - Dorrene Johnson

Listen for Dorrene's inspiring story of what happened when she made a decision -- to treat Shaklee as a business.


Saturday Team Call 1/24/15

Saturday Team Call January 24, 2015 at 11 AM ET
Host and Speaker Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator

Topic:  Overcoming the FOUR Enemies


Joye Team Call 1/19/15

Team Call of Barry & Luronda Joye - weekly on Monday nights 9 PM ET
Call of 1/19/15 - Luronda's insights of importance of events & Jim Fulford spins the dial for Week 1 Challenge winner - Craig Denstad!

Saturday Team Call 1/17/15

Saturday Team Call 1/17/15
Host and Speaker Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator

Listen for updates on Leadership Events
Topic of the day - Your List of Names

Saturday Team Call 1/10/15

Saturday Team Call for Jan 10, 2015 11 AM ET
Host & Speaker - Jim Fulford, Executive Coordinator in Jacksonville, FL

Topic - Top Ten Reasons why JANUARY is the BEST month to focus on your Shaklee business.  
Take advantage of these ten things as opportunities to share Shaklee.