Saturday Team Call 1/3/15

Team Call - every Saturday at 11 AM ET
1/3/15 Host and Speaker, Sr. Master Coordinator Jennifer Glacken

Get plugged in, attend an event in January - "If you attend, you learn.  If you bring someone with you, you grow".

Glacken Leadership Summit in Chicago IL weekend of Jan 10
Southeast Event in Orlando, FL weekend of Jan 31

Advice from Jennifer - Build your foundation in January & February to start qualification in March 2015 for Dream Trips 2016

Saturday Team Call 12/27/14

Don't miss this end of year call!
Host - Tony Underwood from Atlanta with Pam Otto from Michigan

Great way to get motivated to end your 2014 strong and set your 2015 goals.  

If you've missed some of the calls, take some time over the next week to listen - you'll find them in 
Academy - Team Training, Recordings, Recorded Calls.  Listen, take action, your business will grow.


Saturday Team Call 12/20/14

Weekly Team Call at 11 AM ET Saturday mornings
Call 857-216-6700 pin 152065# on Saturday AM or listen here.

Host and speaker 12/20/14 is Jennifer Glacken.

Saturday Team Call 12/13/14

Saturday Team Call of December 13, 2014
Host & Speakers talk about the awesome Dream Trip 2014 to Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Hear from two new Business Leaders who earned their FIRST Shaklee dream trip.

Team Call Saturday 11/29/14

Saturday Team Call - November 29, 2014 at 11 AM ET
Co-Hosts & Speakers - Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator & Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator
Dream, Struggle, Victory - Hear a call of inspiration and motivation from successful leaders.


Saturday Team Call 11/22/14

Saturday Team Call 11 AM ET  11/22/14

Host and Speaker Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator
Topic today:  Lessons from Book by Dr. Brene Brown

"Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead"

Listen for encouragement to get into action.


Joye Team Call 11/17/14

Weekly call for Luronda & Barry Joye Team 
Monday evenings 9 PM ET

Call of Nov 17, 2014
Host:  Jim Fulford, Executive Coordinator
Guest:  Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinator

Topic:  Making Calls This Week about the upcoming Dr. Phil show

Saturday Team Call 11/15/14

Team Call on Saturday Morning - 11 AM ET
Host - Jim Fulford, Executive Coordinator Jacksonville FL
Speakers - Tony & Debbie Underwood, Master Coordinators Atlanta, GA

Topic:  Commitment - Listen for great perspective on how reaching your dreams and expections requires activity

Notable Quote - Debbie described commitment as 'transforms promise into reality'

Joye Team Call 11/10/14

Barry & Luronda Team Call 11/10/14
Join Luronda Joye for their weekly team call

Guest speaker - Jim Fulford

Saturday Team Call 11/8/14

Saturday Team Call 11/8/14
Host Tony Underwood, Master Coordintor calling from Long Beach Regional Conference

Guest speaker:  Jim Fulford, Executive Coordinator, Jacksonville, FL

Listen for the many ways and opportunities you have to use leverage to grow and create momentum in your Shaklee business.