Saturday Team Call 6/14/14

Hosts Debbie & Tony Underwood, Master Coordinators, Atlanta, GA

Call date:  June 14, 2014  Time:  11 AM ET

Debbie provides encouragement on talking to others and listening for connections plus updates on end of Shaklee year 6/30/14

Listen for what we all need to hear - Tony talks about distractions and making your Shaklee business a priority - thank you, Tony!

Joye Team Call 6/2/14

Barry and Luronda Joye host their weekly Team Call
Monday, June 2, 2014
Recap of Training meeting in Lake City, FL on May 31, 2014
Book:  The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber

Saturday Team Call 5/17/14

Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Cooridnator

Topic - Follow-up
Jennifer was speaking and attending the Shaklee Regional in Lisle IL

She  took time out to host this instruction & tip filled call about improving your business success with follow-up. 

Joye Team Call 5/19/14

Weekly Team Call
Hosted by Luronda and Barry Joye

Guest Speakers Nax & Melissa Joye
and Jim Fulford

Topic New Directors Conference

Saturday Team Call 5/10/14

Host Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator

Guest - Theresa Segus, Sr. Coordinator, who set a goal to double her business.

Jennifer shares an unconfirmed rumor that Roger Barnett may be at the Shaklee Regional conference in Lisle IL near Chicago THIS WEEKEND.
Get there if you can!  Jennifer Glacken, Tony & Debbie Underwood will be in Chicago.

Save the Date - Tony & Debbie Underwood's next Orlando conference is October 10-11 2014.

Joye Team Call 5/12/14

Barry and Luronda Joye host their weekly Team Call.
Tune in for reports from the New Director Conference.