Saturday Team Call 11/23/13

Host Bill Wolfington, Key Coordinator, N. Michigan

Listen for a boost of energy and great advice on how to keep your business going through the holidays.  Bill gives great tips on how to use the Show The Plan Tear Pad (available on FT Alliance website store).  Just like going to training for a new corporate 'job', spending some time thinking about the questions you will ask, memorizing the five steps and building your confidence will have a great impact on your success.

Quote from Bill - "Think like you are in a traditional retail business - they don't take December off, do they?"

Joye Team Call 11/18

Barry moderates tonights' call.  Jim shares Shaklee history and info on the Landmark Study.  Barry shares the importance of keeping positive information coming in.

Saturday Team Call 11/16/13

Host:  Luronda Joye from Lake City, FL - Executive Coordinator with Barry Joye

Guests: Ramon & Marsha Duvall from Panama City Beach, FL - Coordinators; Nax Joye from Lake City, FL - Coordinator with Melissa Joye; Jim Fulford from Jacksonville, FL - Sr. Coordinator with Peggy Fulford

Listen to this call to hear great Shaklee stories, how to 'Use Product, Share, Mentor' and build a great customer base, how to share Shaklee with prospects in their 20's, and to hear insights on why the Shaklee opportunity is so exciting to network marketing professionals.

Saturday Team Call Nov 9 2013

Saturday Team Call November 9, 2013

Host Tonya Mann, Sr. Executive Coordinator

Guest Becky Cash, new Master Coordinator in qualitification

Saturday Team Call 11/2/13

Hosted by Jennifer Glacken, Sr. Master Coordinator

Guest is Chongneng Thao who with his wife Maiying just celebrated reaching Key Coordinator position with a HOMETOWN CELEBRATION hosted by Shaklee Corporation.

Listen to Chong's incredible story about discipline, overcoming amazing obstacles, working hard, not being complacent, developing leaders ...

Quote:  "The life you want to live has to be earned."

Congratulations to Chongneng and Maiying!

Saturday Team Call 10/19/13

Hosted by Tony Underwood with guest Pat Hintze, Sr Master, from Wisconsin.

Listen to this call for inspiration from a Shaklee business leader.  Pat shares his story with success tips along the way.

One quote from Pat today is impactful for anyone that is stuck on getting going:

"You can get paid for what you do or make a fortune from what you START"  Just get started.

Saturday Team Call 10/12/13

Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, in Ohio hosts this weekly team call on "Commitment".

Guest speaker is Chris Cash in Indiana, who is SR Key Coordinator with wife Becky.

Congratulations to Tony & Debbie Underwood who are in California for Master Coordinator celebration.

(And, Happy Birthday, Tony)


Saturday Team Call 10/5/13

Team call hosted by Tony Underwood

Guest Tonya Mann, Sr. Executive Coordinator, Michigan, talks about making the decision to commit and how she built her business to $100K.

Guest Jim Fulford, Sr. Coordinator, Florida, talks about Shaklee 180 prize, car bonus and cruise excitement.