Saturday Team Call 1/25/14

Host Jennifer Glacken, Senior Master Coordinator
Grab your pen and paper and listen to this call - you will want to take notes!
Topic:  Grand Openings
Whether you are just getting started, helping others do the same, or wanting to launch the next phase of your business, Jennifer gives you step by step instructions on how a Grand Opening can get your business going.

Listen in for great tips and a recap on upcoming conferences.


Joye Team Call 1/20/14

Host Luronda Joye, Executive Coordinator talks about John Maxwell's Leadership core - commitment and competency.

Joye Team Call 1/6/2014

Hear from Luronda & Barry Joye and Jim Fulford about getting your dream wheel spinning and deciding what you are willing to do to accomplish.

Saturday Team Call 1/4/2014

First Team call of 2014!  Get a great start to the new year with this call about commitment.

Host:  Tonya Mann

Saturday Team Call 12/28/13

Host Jennifer Glacken - listen for tips on goal setting that are tailored to growing your Shaklee business

Quote of the Day - "Choose to create your circumstance."

Joye Team Call 12/16

Cruise highligts from the Joyes and Fulfords, and great story from Racheal Tate.