FT Alliance Team Call with Jennifer Glacken - 6/29/2013

FT Alliance Team Call with Jennifer Glacken - 6/29/2013

This inspiring call is a great kick off to the Shaklee New Year. Listen and share with others for a 'believe in yourself' boost.  She shares timely thoughts about why going to convention is of maximum importance.

Team Call - STP by Luronda Joye - 6/25/2013

Luronda Joye presents the Shaklee Plan.  Listen to this podcast while viewing the Show The Plan presentation powerpoint.  It is a great way to listen and learn, then practice your own presentation.

Roger Barnett Call with Team 6/8/2013

Great Team Call with Roger Barnett - CEO of Shaklee - on June 8, 2013

You'll hear from Roger about his reason "Why Shaklee".  It is a compelling story made even more real when you hear it in a personal and sincere interchange with our team.  Listen and share this call to give depth to your understanding of the vision for Shaklee and Roger's commitment to the Shaklee family of distributors and customers. 

GoFTG Team Call on 6/3

Luronda Talks about the 180 program,  New Book of the Month BLINK, and our team party on the 22nd,

May 13 FTG Call

May 13th Richard Alker talks about the importance of being relatable