Wow! August was a hot month! not only the weather but in the Shaklee Team! A great month with lots of new Pin Winners.This is SO exciting this early in the Shaklee Fiscal Year, because that means lots of people qualifying for the trips to Mexico and Bali!

Also you will note that there are a lot of FastTrack (FT) qualifiers, which means that most of these qualifiers are "on track" to qualify for the Mexico trip by hitting and maintaining FT Coordinator. Alternatively by hitting and maintaining FT Executive and helping at least 2 qualify for Mexico,they can qualify for the Bali Trip!!

This team is "on track" to set new records in 2014!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the following New Pin Winners:


Jess Reed - 1st month FT
Wendy Corbin - 1st month FT
Milton & Jennifer Smith - 1st month FT
James Suh - 1st month FT
Sung Yim - 1st month FT
Ai Ling Wang - 1st month FT
Soo Young Ha - 1st month FT
He Young Park - 1st month FT
Christine Yoo - 1st month FT
Rob Wolfington - 1st month FT
Justin Simmons - 1st month
Juana Iraheta - 1st month
Winfrey Shields - 1st month
Mona Ahn - 2nd month FT
Al Brouillard - 2nd month


Senior Directors

Paul & Patti Hendrix - 1st month FT
Jinzi Yan- 1st month FT
Lewis Myong - 1st month FT (also 1st month Director FT
Richard & Natalie Alker - 2nd month FT
Jenny Jo - 2nd month FT
Brooke Alker - 1st month



John Lee - 1st month FT (also 1st month Director & Senior Director FT)
Sheri Suh - 1st month FT ( also 1st month Senior Director)
Nax & Melissa Joye- 1st month FT 


Senior Coordinators

Jim & Peggy Fulford- 1st month
Wha Chun Han- 2nd month FT


Executive Coordinators

Barry & Luronda Joye - 6 month on FT ( $25,000 qualifiers)


Senior Executive Coordinators

John Maclaren - 1st month
Mel & Michelle Peters - 1st month ( also 1st month Executive Coordinators FT!)

Congratulations, we celebrate your success! If you didn't make this list for August and want to see your name on future lists, get with your upline Mentor to help you to create a plan of action. Be a part of the momentum that's happening.

If we have missed out anyone on your team or made any other errors, it was unintentional. Please let us know ASAP so that we can correct our errors.