Yet another GREAT month as we move towards the last two months of this 2013-14 awards year. We know that we still have several people completing their qualification for the Playa Del Carmen trip and a few finishing the last few steps to be in Bali! These are both going to be INCREDIBLE trips.  If you are a little late to qualify for either of these trips, it is time to start "ramping up" for the new awards and trip opportunities that will be announced very shortly. 
Running into July with great MOMENTUM will definitely give you a great advantage to qualify for the next trip and take some leaders with you!

Now it's time to CELEBRATE the following leaders:


Hargrove, Gary -1st month Director FT

Hidden Hands, Inc – 1st month Director FT

Kim, K – 1st month Director FT

Kim, H – 1st month Director FT

Chu, I – 1st month Director FT

Park, E – 1st month Director FT

Kim, M – 1st month Director FT

Tyson, R – 1st month Director FT

Fewell, Lisa – 2nd month Director FT

Joye, Nile – 2nd month Director FT

Chung, Hae Ran – 2nd month Director

Elles, Lisa & David – 2nd month Director

Greenlick, Justin – 2nd month Director

Lee, Byeong Ran – 2nd month Director

Lieberman, Arlen – 2nd month Director FT

McNulty, Hyesun – 2nd month Director

Morin, Carole – 2nd month Director

Nguyen, Taylor – 2nd month Director FT

Polzin, Gary – 2nd month Director FT

Smith, Brandon – 2nd month Director FT

Song, Haejin – 2nd month Director

Witschen, Kristofor – 2nd month Director FT

Melton,Richard – 2nd month Director

Demanaeus, Christopher – 3rd month Director

Hinman, Nanci – 3rd month Director

Song, Myeong Hee, 3rd month Director

Sims, Andrea – 3rd month Director

Jung, Eun Ju – 3rd month Director

Kim, Ae Kyung 3rd month Director

Marino, Roni – 3rd month Director

Park, Kyong – 3rd month Director

Youngs, Kim – 3rd month Director


Sr Directors:

Park, Y – 1st month Sen Director FT

Cochran, Lori - 1st month Sen Director FT, 2nd month Director FT

Kim, Sang Yong – 1st month Sen Director FT, 2nd month Director FT 

Chung, Yoo Jin- 1st month Sen Director FT, 3rd month Director FT

Rhee, B – 1st month Sen Director FT

Kim, M & J – 1st month Sen Director FT

Fiene, Rob- 2nd month Sen Director

Kim, Hye Ja – 2nd month Sen Director

Kim, Sang U – 2nd month Sen Director FT

Ren, Quan – 2nd month Sen Director FT & Director FT

Son, Jung Woo – 2nd month Sen Director FT & Director FT

Wang Yu, Kathy – 2nd month Sen Director FT

Wells, Rick & Terry – 2nd month Sen Director FT, & Director FT

Lee, Heidi – 3rd month Sen Director

Pyun, Steven – 3rd month Sen Director



NY EPX Group Inc- 1st month Coordinator FT, Sen Director FT & Director FT

Danielsen, William- 2nd month Coordinator FT, Sen Director FT & Director FT!

Jo, Jenny & Lee, C – 2nd month Coordinator FT

Zellmann, Kristen – 2nd month Coordinator FT, Sen Director FT, & Director FT

Senior Coordinators:

Danielsen Enterprises – 2nd month Sr. Coordinator FT, Coordinator FT, Sr.               

                                    Director FT & Director FT

Duvall, Raymon & Marsha, - 2nd month Sen Coordinator FT 

Johnson, Dorrene – 2nd month Sr. Coordinator, 3rd month Coordinator

Bissonette, Roseanne – 2nd month Sr. Coordinator

Kelsey, Sue & D – 2nd month Sr. Coordinator

Kim, Soonok- 3rd month Sr. Coordinator FT,Coordinator FT,Sr. Director FT & DirectorFT 

Park, Kyung –3rd month Sr.Coordinator FT,Coordinator FT,Sr. Director FT & Director FT!


Executive Coordinators:

Lee, Jung Hyun – 2nd month Executive Coordinator FT,Sr. Coordinator FT, Coordinator  FT,Sr. Director FT & Director FT!!!

Fulford, Jim & Peggy – 2nd month Executive Coordinator FT


Senior Executive Coordinator:

Joye, Barry & Luronda – 2nd month Sen Executive Coordinator FT

Han, Hwa Chun – 3rd month Sen Executive Coordinator and Executive Coordinator FT

Mel & Michelle Peters – 4th month Sr. Executive Coordinator FT


Key Coordinator:
 Tonya & Dan Mann – 2nd month Key Coordinator


Congratulations to the following Business Leaders who attended the New Directors Conference in California on May 7th through May 10th.

 The All Expense Trip with a 3 nights hotel stay for 2 persons includes all meals with a special Napa Valley Winery trip along with a Celebration Dinner at a Local Car Museum. Participants receive leadership training and a tour of the Shaklee Headquarters and an opportunity to meet Shaklee management including CEO, Roger Barnett.

Qualification for this trip is when the Business Leader achieves at least 18,000CV (car volume) over no more than 6 consecutive months within the first year of reaching the Director level.

CONGRATULATIONS to these Rising Stars:


Melissa Bentley

Wha Chun Han

Luronda & Barry Joye

Bascom & Melissa Joye

Jim & Peggy Fulford

Marsha & Ramon Duvall

Sheri Suh

JHL World Corporation

James Suh

Christine Yoo

Myong Lewis

Justin Simmons

Sunny Choe

Kyung Park



P.S: If we have unintentionally omitted or incorrectly listed any information on this page, please send us any corrections. We will be pleased to correct these errors.



Tony & Debbie Underwood