Glacken / Underwood Team Call 
Date - 2/2/19
Host & Speaker - Jennifer Glacken, SR Master Coordinator, Ohio

Topic - Planning!  Jennifer recaps product promotions, business leader challenges - announced and upcoming (thank you!). So what is your plan? Jennifer reviews the Brendon Burchard High Performance planner, what it includes, how it works. Click here for more information on the planner.

FYI - I ordered a full year pack (6 planners) in December. Each hardcover planner has 2 pages for every day for two months with weekly and monthly reviews. Even if I don't get to all the sections each day, having the questions and journaling space in the place I keep my schedule has been invaluable.   Peggy 

"With the right daily mindset, focus, and habits, you can shape an extraordinary quality of life and contribute at world-class levels way beyond anyone's expectations." Brendon Burchard

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