Barry and Luronda Joye earn 25K Check

This weekend was great training with Dr Robert Rohm, but one of my favorite parts of the day was seeing Barry and Luronda Joye get their 25K check.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the following New Pin Winners:

Wow! August was a hot month! not only the weather but in the Shaklee Team! A great month with lots of new Pin Winners.This is SO exciting this early in the Shaklee Fiscal Year, because that means lots of people qualifying for the trips to Mexico and Bali!

Roger Barnett Call with Team 6/8/2013

Great Team Call with Roger Barnett - CEO of Shaklee - on June 8, 2013

You'll hear from Roger about his reason "Why Shaklee".  It is a compelling story made even more real when you hear it in a personal and sincere interchange with our team.  Listen and share this call to give depth to your understanding of the vision for Shaklee and Roger's commitment to the Shaklee family of distributors and customers.